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Diablo Utopia

Diablo Utopia

Det är med glädje vi kan rapportera att Diablo Utopia vunnit en EISA award i kategorin High End Högtalare.

Så här lyder juryns motivering:

“Like the other new models in the latest incarnation of Focal’s high-end Utopia series, the Diablo has a luxurious lacquer finish, with a choice of many colours. In this relatively compact two-way design, the drive units are mounted in two separate enclosures, arranged with a small angle between them and connected by an external structure. While the 165mm bass/midrange unit uses Focal’s Power Flower magnet technology, the tweeter has an inverted beryllium dome and its enclosure works as a Helmholtz resonator. The comprehensive owner’s manual is a model of clarity, with instructions on how exactly to position the speakers in a room, with recommended distances from walls. Despite its moderate dimensions, this new Focal loudspeaker manages to recreate an ample soundstage, bringing a realistic sense of scale, rhythm and joyous anticipation to the musical presentation.”

För oss är det en officiell bekräftelse på något vi upplevt samtliga tillfälle vi har använt denna fantastiska högtalare. Den låter alltid underbart – oavsett rum och kringutrustning och vi känner så väl igen oss i det sista stycket av Juryns motivering.